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Anybody still keeping up with this multipart blog post? If so, we got some good news!

Puppy Gert and Gabby 2009

Gert as a puppy lying by Gabby in 2009.

Gert lying on her Gabby

Gert lying on her Gabby in 2011.

Gert and Gabby today

This is Gert and Gabby today.

I got a text from my mother earlier that she had called the vet to check on the blood work they did for Gabby to check on how her organs were functioning. Turns out, her organs are all working perfectly fine!!! My mother also gave me the news that Gabby had been sleeping a lot today, and still acting if she were ok. When she removed her bandages to clean her after giving her some pain meds and her antibiotic, the spot had drained quite a lot and smelled horribly. Which isn’t all bad news, because this means the antibiotic is working, and the less of that mess in there before surgery tomorrow morning at 8:00am the better. The vet told her they would be putting her on another antibiotic afterwards because the infection is pretty bad, but it will be to make sure she gets it all out of her system when they are done with surgery and she is healing.

Gabby let my mom clean her wound without a fuss, and bandage her back up, and off to sleep she went again, with Gert right by her side. Gert loves her so much,and you can tell she knows something is wrong. She will not leave her side. She has always had to be right against Gabby since she was brought home to us, as can be seen in the pictures. My mother said she is glued to her now though, like she is trying to help her. Such loving and caring animals.

So I will be posting an update tomorrow with the outcome of the surgery, probably late in the evening. Hopefully all goes well. Keep your fingers crossed, and your thoughts with us. Until then, I’ll be a nervous wreck…..



One comment on “Treading Water in the Sea of Life Part III

  1. Donna says:

    Good news indeed! I’m praying all goes well tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

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