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This blog was started out of urgent need to stop clogging my friend’s and family’s social pages of my tendency to write novels on a subject, only to be followed by a too long didn’t read (TLDR) that summarizes it. I will probably stick with the same layout.

This blog will be filled with the ramblings of the mind of a broken man. Broken in the sense that my brain doesn’t always work the way I want it to, more often than not. I have been diagnosed with OCD, severe anxiety and depression, and a chaser of social anxiety. I’ve been doing well since the beginning of 2017 when my medication finally reached the correct dosages, and my therapist and I had some breakthroughs as to where this comes from. No, I will not be telling where it comes from in the about page. You will have to keep your eyes peeled for blog posts on the subject at hand.

Sometimes my blogs may be about enlightenment. Sometimes they may be a story of something I did that was incredibly stupid, or it may be about something funny that happened (Fair warning. My sense of humor can go from normal, to….well, weird). Sometimes I may just rant about something, offer advice to avoid my mistakes to others, or just plain therapy for myself. I’ll try to title what type they are appropriately. I hope you enjoy the inner workings of my brain more than I, and if you don’t…..nobody is forcing you read this….seriously, you can stop any time you want… now if you’d like.